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7 Day Wake Up the Zen Way

Saturday 11th July – Friday 17th July 2020        Various times

A seven day free event hosted on Zoom by Soul Midwife, Rachael Field.

This event includes a thirty minute gentle Zen Yoga session each morning, and three evening sessions to include: ‘Self Care vs Sacred Self Care’, Restorative Yoga,  and a ‘Soul Midwife in Residence’ session, where you can learn more about Rachael’s work as a Soul Midwife (visit site).

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We are all affected by dying, death and bereavement, but it can be a very lonely experience. It may be thoughts of our own dying that affect us, or the death of a loved one, friend, colleague or neighbour. We may want to talk, and ask questions about death and dying, or we might just want someone to listen to us. Very often we are unable to find the opportunity or the people to provide that support.

During this Covid-19 crisis, informed, helpful and caring Soul Midwives and End of Life Doulas are on hand to provide opportunities to discuss death, dying and bereavement through a variety of remote settings. Offering the chance to have conversations that may go some way towards helping you cope with the loneliness and isolation you may be feeling when faced with end of life matters.

Soul Midwives and End of Life Doulas are non-medical, non-denominational, holistic and spiritual companions, supporting anyone facing the end of life, and their families and friends.

We are calm and caring, are skilled at deep listening, and have the time, knowledge and experience to engage with anyone who wants to find out about the dying process, and how best to support someone facing their end of life.
Our work usually takes us into hospices, hospitals, care homes and the local community, working with individuals and families who are facing death and bereavement.

During the current Covid-19 crisis, we are supporting our communities remotely – befriending by phone, supporting those who are caring for dying loved ones at home, offering Death Cafés and Zoom conversations.

Meet the Midlands Team

Rachael Field

Rachael Field - Soul Midwife

Website | Email | Instagram

07000 000 000

I am a Soul Midwife, TLC (Tender Loving Care) Tutor & Soul Midwife Mentor based in Stourbridge and working throughout the West Midlands. 


Helen Juffs

Helen Juff at MAC

Website | Email

Call 07941 840 424

I am an End of Life Doula based in Birmingham, providing doula services and death awareness across the Midlands. I am a committee member and Regional Rep for End of Life Doula UK. I am also a clinical reflexologist.


Sue Bailey

Sue Bailey at MAC


Call 07855 094 721

I am a Soul Midwife, Reiki Healer and Stress Counsellor based in Wroxall and working throughout Warwickshire.


Wendy Fellows

Wendy Fellows

Website | Email

Call 07896 950 158

I am a Soul Midwife and Reiki Practitioner, working in Birmingham and surrounding areas.


Irene Wychrij

Irene Wychrij at MAC


Call 07964 684 690

I am a Soul Midwife, Yoga and Mindfulness of Breathing Teacher working in the South of Birmingham.  


Tracey Vickery

Tracey Vickery in residence at MAC

Website | Email

Call 0781 421 9611

I am a Soul Midwife, TLC (Tender Loving Care) Tutor & Soul Midwife Mentor working in Worcestershire, the Midlands and Gloucestershire. I am also happy to arrange Death Cafés by request.


Sue Rabbich

Sue Rabbich at MAC


Call 07523 051 587

I am a Soul Midwife, based in Cheltenham and working in Gloucestershire.


Sheila Simmonds

Sheila Simmonds at MAC

Email | Call me for Skype details

Call 07591 936649

I am an experienced Soul Midwife, Complementary Therapist and Interfaith Minister, offering spiritual support, guidance and counselling for end-of-life and bereavement in the Worcestershire area.


Julie Barnes

Julie Barnes at MAC

Email | Twitter | Call me for Skype details

Call 07789 955 873

I am a Soul Midwife, based in Nottingham and working throughout Nottinghamshire. I support people who are dying; helping them and their families in their final journeys – Heart 💕Soul.


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We are already lucky enough to have the support of so many of you – visiting our website and joining us online. Thank you so much!

If you feel that you would like to make a donation, it will help us reach even more people – and to provide even more regular support with conversations about death and dying.

Please contact us to find out about making a donation. Thank you!

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As life returns to normal, whenever that may be, we will hope to resume our work at MAC. On any of our Residency Saturdays, you will be able to come and visit us in the MAC Foyer.

  • Meet us and ask us questions about our work.
  • Find out what we can do to help at end of life.
  • Talk to us about how you may have been affected by death and dying.
  • Get information about end of life planning.
  • Gather resources to help soothe and reassure those who are at their end of life.
Midlands Arts Centre
We’ll have a warm welcome for you, and plenty of information to browse through and take away with you. And there will be plenty of opportunity for you to talk to any one of us 1:1 in a quiet space away from the Foyer hubbub, if that’s what you would prefer.
We are really looking forward to meeting you!